On June 30, 2016, the Health Indicators Warehouse and its API will no longer be updated. This site remain available in its current state until April 15, 2017. Please refer to the latest What’s New item for more details and suggested alternative data resources. We thank you for your past use of the HIW.

Overview of the HIW Web Services


The Health Indicators Warehouse provides access to the underlying data through the use of an Application Programming Interface (API) which is designed to present information to systems with disparate architectures and technologies.

The Health Indicators Warehouse API exposes two distinct web services; a RESTful service and a SOAP-based service to provide access to the data. Detailed information required to access the underlying services can be found in the documentation section.

Access to the HIW web services API requires the use of an API key. Please request an API key if you haven’t done so already.

Current Version Information

The current service version is 5; to view changes present in this version of the services, please view the service changes.

Prior versions of the services (v4 and earlier) have been deprecated and are no longer accessible.

For information regarding the relationships between the types which make up the HIW Services data model, you may use the interactive service type relationship tool.

REST services

Users can access the REST-based web services through the following URI: http://services.healthindicators.gov/v5/REST.svc/

SOAP Services

Users can access the SOAP-based web services through the following URL: http://services.healthindicators.gov/v5/SOAP.svc/

Users are able to obtain metadata by going directly to the Web Service Definition Language (WSDL): http://services.healthindicators.gov/v5/SOAP.svc?WSDL

Edge Services

The "edge" deployment is intended to be used by developers who want to check out the latest functionality available in the HIW services, but it is not considered stable and is not recommended to be used in a production environment. Users can access both REST-based and SOAP services via the edge deployment using the following URIs:

  • REST: http://services.healthindicators.gov/edge/REST.svc/
  • SOAP: http://services.healthindicators.gov/edge/SOAP.svc/

Questions, Comments & Issues

If you've found an issue or would like to make suggests or leave a comment, you may send an email. For the JavaScript API, please feel free to log an issue on GitHub.

About the Data

The Health Indicators Warehouse API lets you programmatically access over 1,200 indicators from multiple datasets. The data can be queried in multiple ways. Find out more in the documentation section. The data which is accessible via the HIW services can be used to develop diverse applications.